Key West, Here We Come!

On Friday night, I told Ali (age 21) to drive herself to the Urgent Care Center because she had such a bad toothache. She lives 90 minutes from us so I couldn’t just race over there and drive her myself – though I sure wanted to! She did and they put her on antibiotics. She refused pain killers because they made her sick after her accident last year so they gave her a prescription for heavy-duty Ibuprofen.

The next morning, she was beyond miserable so we found an emergency dentist who’s open 7 days a week…but he was in Tampa. We drove to Anna Maria Island, picked Ali up from work, and then I drove her to Tampa while Richard took his mom and step-dad (along with Max and Mason) sight-seeing on the island. The emergency dentist said Ali needed a root canal in the tooth that was next to her wisdom tooth. She readily accepted a prescription for Vicodin (she was past the point of sanity by that point and she’s not usually a complainer). I looked at the x-ray and I didn’t see it but…what do I know?

The next day (Sunday), Ali continued to take the Vicodin, and remembered to eat each time so she didn’t get sick. It was their day off and her boyfriend, Justin, as always, was taking good care of her.

First thing Monday morning, she called the local dentist and they told her to come right in. They did another x-ray, saying the one from the emergency dentist was too blurry. They said it was her wisdom tooth, not the other one, and that it needed to come out pronto. They sent her to another dentist office in Sarasota and Ali was so relieved when they yanked it out.

We were in town, too, attending the inspection of the house we are hoping to buy, so we met up with them after the extraction. We grabbed some coffee, hugged, and then all headed to our respective houses. Ali was much better on Tuesday.

The in-laws are in town this week so we’re taking them to Key West for a couple of days. I’m trying to get caught up on my work before we leave so this issue will be a bit abbreviated.

Big hugs to all,

P.S. I want to “follow” you!




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