Key West = Clothing Optional?

We took the newlywed in-laws (Richard’s mom and step-dad) to Key West for four days last week. We took the RV but got the in-laws a hotel room. When we arrived, the campground was PACKED and Richard didn’t think we’d ever be able to back the RV into our spot. I am the backer-upper in the family, having years of experience backing boat trailers onto boat ramps, so I always get the fun part of pulling into campgrounds.

The first thing I did was get out of the RV and ask a guy to move his truck. It was right where I needed to be when pulling forward before going back. He did. Then, a bunch of guys came out of their RVs and stood watching. I thought maybe they were impressed by watching a woman drive that big rig. Ah, but that was not the case. They were all standing in front of their own RVs, in protective postures, ready to scream at me if I got too close to their fender or awning. I did come close, very close, to another guy’s rearview mirror (those things are HUGE on RV’s) but I didn’t hit it…because the owner was standing right there, loudly grunting while pointing at his mirror. Once I’d successfully backed into our spot, all those guys breathed sighs of relief and went back into their respective RVs.

Later, the in-laws checked into their hotel. It was one I’d found online – on the beach, adults only, affordable, looked romantic, that sort of thing. It was our wedding gift to them. A few days after making their reservation, Richard was online reading the reviews about the hotel. He turned to me that night and said, “Uh, Ang, the hotel you got for my mom is CLOTHING OPTIONAL!”

I laughed until I cried, and replied, “Don’t tell them!!!”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t terribly warm and nobody stripped down during their entire stay there so they didn’t know it was clothing optional until the day we left…when we finally told them. They did admit, however, that a sign by the beach puzzled them a bit. It said, “Clothing Required Beyond This Point.”

They did sit by the pool a couple of afternoons but they said everybody was in shorts or bathing suits. I said, “Gee, maybe they were waiting for you to make the first move.”

And, of course, all our other relatives now want us to take them to Key West, too, and they all want to stay in that hotel! Ha ha ha.

I have a Maxism for you this week.

While driving in Key West, we were looking for a particular Greek restaurant. I said, “I think it’s just past that strip center up there.”

Max (age 10) replied with alarm, “Will there be strippers there?!”

Big hugs to all,