Whispers and Warnings

Whispers And Warnings For April 16th

Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9363 WHEN YOU HIRE SOMEONE WHO'S UNDER CONTRACT WITH ANOTHER, YOU MIGHT HAVE TROUBLE... Texas Monthly To Sue New York Times For Breach Of Contract Less than two weeks after the New York Times announced the appointment of Texas Monthly editor Jake Silverstein as the new editor-in-chief of the Times Sunday magazine, the publisher of Texas Monthly is expected to file a breach of contract lawsuit. WHEN RELIGIONS PROTEST THEIR CRITICS Outcry as Penguin India pulps 'alternative' history of Hindus Novelist Arundhati Roy leads chorus of protest after publisher settles lawsuit brought by militant group NOT ALL JUDGES ARE SMART! Revenge Porn Is Bad, But It's Not GoDaddy's Fault Today, a Texas appellate court fixed the lower court's obvious legal error and emphatically ruled that GoDaddy qualifies for Section 230's protection. DOESN'T APPEAR THIS IS BEHAVIOR FITTING A MAYOR Lemoore educator, newsman suing mayor for defamation A suit filed on March 25 by Ed Martin, Lemoore High School assistant principal and publisher of the Lemoore Leader, alleges Lemoore Mayor Billy Siegel tried to have him fired from his job at the high school and sent a defamatory email message last year. Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9363

Whispers And Warnings For April 9th

Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9362 BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING! Toledo Blade lawsuit alleges military guards detained journalists, deleted photos "The Toledo Blade filed a federal lawsuit Friday against various government officials after military police reportedly detained two of the paper's journalists outside a military manufacturing facility, seized their equipment, and deleted digital photographs." MORE INTERNS SHOULD SUE TO STOP THIS HORRIBLE PRACTICE Conde Nast Settles Intern Lawsuit "The lawsuit was brought in June 2013 by former interns Lauren Ballinger and Matthew Lieb, who alleged that the compensation received for the work they did at W Magazine and the New Yorker, respectively, violated New York labor law." IF YOU CAN'T SUE IN A TIMELY FASHION, DON'T SUE AT ALL! NBC Universal Prevails in Epic 'Ghost Hunters' Legal Battle "The dispute, litigated for more than seven years, alleged that the show about a team of paranormal investigators was stolen. This week, a California appeals court ordered a lower court to grant the studio summary judgment because the plaintiffs hadn't brought their claims in a timely fashion." BANNED BOOKS IN PRISON? 17 DIFFERENT REASONS - GOOD ONES, IN MY OPINION! 'Violent, deviant s*xual acts:' Prison records show why inmates are denied books "Mike Hoffman grabbed a copy of one of his favorite books, 'American Gods' by Neil Gaiman, and placed it among a pile of donations to be mailed to prisoners..." ALLOWING UPLOADS OF ILLEGAL MATERIAL ENCOURAGES COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT Disney, Movie Studios Sue Megaupload, Kim Dotcom Over Copyright Claims "While billing itself as a private data storage provider, Megaupload.com functioned as a hub for uploading and downloading copyrighted movies and TV shows, according to the complaint filed today in federal court..." Links to the stories above can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9362

Whispers And Warnings For April 2nd

Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9361 NEW, COURAGEOUS PUBLISHER MOVES FORWARD, 27 YEARS AFTER INITIAL LEGAL BATTLE The book Scientology tried to ban "To Scientologists, founder L. Ron Hubbard is a larger-than-life figure - a war hero, philosopher and humanitarian. But the real man was a dissembling, emotional wreck who made up most of his legendary exploits out of whole cloth, writes British journalist Russell Miller. (The book) was successfully printed everywhere but in the US, where, after two years of litigation, Miller's American publisher threw in the towel..." RIDICULOUS! SOME TRADITIONAL PUBLISHERS THINK THEY OWN EBOOK RIGHTS BASED ON CONTRACTS THAT WERE SIGNED DECADES BEFORE EBOOKS EXISTED You can't buy that! The great e-book royalty war "A backstage battle between publishers and authors over royalties may be limiting which e-books you can buy..." NO, YOU CAN'T USE STOCK PHOTOS FOR ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, WHICH IS WHY YOU SHOULD ONLY HIRE AN EXPERIENCED DESIGNER! Judge Allows Woman to Sue Over HIV Portrayal in Photo "A woman depicted as an HIV victim in a state public service announcement can sustain a civil rights lawsuit against the stock photo company that provided her picture to the government agency, a Manhattan judge has held." WHY PUBLIC OFFICIALS HAVE A TOUGHER TIME WINNING LIBEL LAWSUITS At 50, landmark libel case relevant in digital age "In the decades since, the justices have extended the decision, making it tough for celebrities, politicians and other public figures to win libel suits." NO, YOU CAN'T USE SOMEONE'S PHOTO WITHOUT PERMISSION, EVEN IF IT'S NOT FOR PROFIT Split decision in gay couple lawsuit over photo "U.S. District Court Judge Wiley Daniel agreed the photo's use was noncommercial and a matter of legitimate public concern. However, he also ruled the couple and their photographer have a possible copyright infringement claim." Links to the stories above can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9361

Whispers And Warnings For March 26th

Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9359 SERIOUSLY? ISN'T THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS LONG GONE? Moby Sued Over 22-Year-Old Song Samples "VMG Salsoul, a New York-based disco and funk record label, is attempting to once again rewind the clock to a time when sampling might have been a more legally-loose endeavor." I PREFER CASH TO AN AMAZON CREDIT! Amazon customers are the beneficiaries of the Apple ebook price-fixing settlement. "Although the credits are being applied to Amazon customers accounts, the actual settlement is being paid by the publishers." I'M SURE WHATEVER WAS SAID IN COURT WAS ALSO IN THE PRE-TRIAL FILINGS. I WONDER WHY HE WAITED UNTIL THE FIRST DAY OF COURT TO RETREAT. Vancouver man drops copyright lawsuit against director Cameron "After the first day of hearings, Emil Malak, who filed the lawsuit in the Federal Court on Wednesday, dropped the case against Cameron for (allegedly) using his original screenplay in the blockbuster film Avatar..." THEY WERE JUST ASKING FOR TROUBLE... MP3tunes boss held liable in copyright case "The jurors also found MP3tunes was willfully blind to copyright infringement on its website, in what a lawyer for the recording companies suggested before the verdict would be the first ruling by a jury of its kind." COME UP WITH AN ORIGINAL NAME, OR RISK LEGAL FEES LATER Don't Name Your New Business After a Will Ferrell Movie "In Fort Worth, there's a race car-themed restaurant called Ricky Bobby. In Austin, Tex., there's a Bettie Page-themed hair salon. And a small East Tennessee coal mining town thinks it might attract tourists if it changes its name to Rocky Top. The problem with all three of these ideas has made itself obvious with recent legal filings: They're all using names or icons that belong to someone else..." AUTHORS NEED TO WORRY ABOUT THIS, TOO! From Mocking To Hacking: How To Protect Your Digital Reputation "None of us has complete privacy online, and no one has complete control over the information that appears about them. But VIPs face more pervasive threats to their privacy, and these threats are more likely to impact their physical security..." IN FLORIDA, YOU NEED MORE THAN AN I.P. ADDRESS TO SUE SOMEONE Malibu Media BitTorrent Case: Judge Says No, an IP Address is Not a Person "Notorious copyright 'p*rn troll' Malibu Media LLC, an adult film company, struck out in a Florida court last week when a Florida District Court Judge determined that an IP address does not identify a specific single individual guilty of copyright infringement. US District Judge Ursula Ungaro dismissed the lawsuit that Malibu Media had filed against an alleged movie pirate at IP address" Links to the stories above can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9359

Whispers And Warnings For March 20th

Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9357 Judge rules emails sent using school equipment are personal; invasion of privacy lawsuit moves forward "S*xually explicit emails sent and received by a former Des Moines school district superintendent using her district-issued email and laptop should have remained confidential, a Polk County District Court judge ruled this week." What is a music stream? Artists and labels in battle over digital income "Dispute rages over how royalties should be split in the age of Spotify, Google and Ape." Former GM, wife file federal civil rights suit against Humboldt County Fair Association; Tituses allege free speech, press violations "The lawsuit, filed on March 5 by Stuart and Caroline Titus, alleges the board declined to renew Stuart Titus' contract in February 2013 in retaliation for his refusal to censor the weekly paper run by his wife." A photographer who took an iconic picture of Michigan football star Desmond Howard in 1991 has cleared a key hurdle in a lawsuit against several parties accused of using it without paying him. "The defendants argue that Masck can't pursue financial damages if the photo was used before he obtained a copyright." MP3Tunes' Michael Robertson Loses Copyright Infringement Suit Filed by Capital Records "Michael Robertson, the founder of online music site MP3Tunes.com--and another related, cloud music storage service Sideload.com, has been found liable in a copyright infringement lawsuit against him filed by Capital Records." Adult film company has sued more than 1,000 individuals who illegally downloaded their movies through sites like BitTorrent "An adult film company called Malibu Media has the IP addresses for thousands of people and is now targeting them for copyright infringement." Does Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto have a case against Newsweek? "This week's emphatic denial from Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto that he had anything to do with the creation of Bitcoin also hinted at a possible lawsuit against Newsweek, though legal experts say it would be an uphill battle." Boston Herald Appeals Libel Verdict "The Herald says its 2009 story about security in the state prison system was meticulously researched and it believes every word is correct." Links to the stories above can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9357

Whispers And Warnings For March 12th

Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9357 BEING A JOURNALIST IS A HEROIC ACT IN MANY PARTS OF THE WORLD Media in Venezuela under attack for coverage of unrest - "With the anti-government protests entering their second month in Venezuela, the media have come under severe attack by the Maduro administration and its supporters as they try to cover the volatile events unfolding in the South American nation." ISN'T THIS BLACKMAIL/EXTORTION? Taxi publication threatens to expose gay aldermen over rideshare issue - "A local taxi-industry trade publication has threatened to out five aldermen unless demands to stop the ridesharing industry in Chicago are met." YOU CAN'T USE SOMEONE ELSE'S CREATIVE WORK WITHOUT PERMISSION! Kona artist sues online publisher - "Brad 'Tiki Shark' Parker learned a few months ago that his 'Forbidden Island' painting had been uploaded to CafePress, a website that allows users to customize shirts, mugs, bags and a variety of other items. Art is automatically copyrighted, Parker said, so no one should be able to print his work without his permission Û and without him getting paid." WHY DIDN'T THEY SUE THE PERSON WHO RAN THE AD? Newspaper sued over rental ad prohibiting children - "The Oregon state labor agency has sued a weekly Junction City newspaper over a rental ad that prohibited families with children." JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE IN THE U.S. DOESN'T MEAN YOUR (ALLEGED) FOREIGN VICTIM CAN'T SUE YOU Lawsuit: Univision newscaster's book had false ID - "A Guatemalan man claims in a lawsuit that Univision news host Jorge Ramos wrongly identified him as an U.S. immigration agent in a 2005 book about a fatal migrant smuggling venture, prompting death threats and forcing the man and his family to leave Guatemala. The lawsuit filed last month in Miami-Dade Circuit Court seeks unspecified damages from Ramos and HarperCollins Publishers..." ANOTHER PLAINTIFF GETS SLAPPED BY THE ANTI-SLAPP STATUTE Court throws out Ann Rule's defamation court case - "A defamation lawsuit file by Ann Rule against an Eagle Creek man who wrote a scathing article about the queen of true crime has been dismissed. King County Superior Court Judge Laura Inveen dismissed Rule's case against Rick Swart and the weekly newspaper in Seattle that published his article, citing Washington state's anti-SLAPP statute. Seattle Weekly published Swart's article titled 'Ann Rule's Sloppy Storytelling' in 2011..." SO, YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO BE AN HEIR TO SUE ON BEHALF OF THE DECEASED ANYMORE?! IF THIS IS TRUE, THE LAWYER SHOULD BE DISBARRED. KISS Lawsuit Filed Without Carr Family Support - "The lawsuit filed against Kiss in respect of royalties allegedly unpaid to Eric Carr was filed without the support or knowledge of the late drummer's heirs." Links to the stories above can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9357

Whispers And Warnings For March 5th

Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9356 Amazon Workers' Lawsuit To Be Heard By US Supreme Court "The Supreme Court decided on Monday to hear a case about employees having to wait in long lines to go through security checks at the end of their shifts, according to Reuters. The case will address whether the e-commerce giant should pay workers for this time spent, which can last as long as 30 minutes." Teen's Facebook Post Costs Father $80K Legal Settlement "The settlement agreement included a stipulation that the man and his wife not disclose details of the settlement with anyone. The daughter posted on Facebook that the money would pay for family vacation to Europe..." Over 100 Published Science Journal Articles Just Gibberish "Some 120 papers published in established scientific journals over the last few years have been found to be frauds, created by nothing more than an automated word generator that puts random, fancy-sounding words together in plausible sentence structures..." Twist In Unmasking Of Infamous Goldman Sachs Twitter Mole "Late last month, the writer sold a book about Wall Street culture based on the tweets for a six-figure sum." Gawker Media Group Inc. Dismissed From Quentin Tarantino's 'Hateful 8' Lawsuit "Gawker Media Group, Inc., parent company of the snarky media blogs Gawker and Defamer, has been dismissed without prejudice from Quentin Tarantino's copyright lawsuit after it argued the court does not have jurisdiction over the Cayman Islands-based corporation." In Appeal, Apple Says E-Book Ruling Will Harm Consumers "Apple had no knowledge that publishers were engaged in a conspiracy in December 2009 or at any other point, the company said in its appeal against a district court ruling which found Apple and five major U.S. publishers had conspired to fix e-book prices." Lawyer Behind Ezra Levant Libel Suit Denies Accusation He Attempted A 'Shakedown' Of Maclean's Magazine "Under cross-examination at the libel trial he launched against Sun News host Ezra Levant, Khurrum Awan, a Saskatchewan lawyer, denied a key plank of Mr. Levant's harsh public criticism - that he engaged in a 'shakedown' or 'blackmail' of Maclean's magazine." Why Hiring "Interns" Or "Volunteers" Can Lead To A Class-Action Lawsuit Links to the stories above can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9356

Whispers And Warnings For February 26th

Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9354 Donald Trump's Son-In-Law's Newspaper Just Happens To Defend Trump With Every Ounce Of Its Being "This week's New York Observer cover story is a 7,000-word takedown of New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who coincidentally filed a $40 million lawsuit against Donald Trump - father-in-law to Observer publisher Jared Kushner..." James Patterson Is Giving $1 Million To Indie Bookstores "Novelist James Patterson, whose mysteries, thrillers, children's books and romances have sold hundreds of millions of copies, is donating $1 million of his personal fortune to independent bookstores across the country." Withdrawing Doniger's Book Gives Her The Martyr's Mantle "He has attacked Wendy Doniger's book on his Washington Post blog -- alleging it carries false historical data and ridiculous interpretation of Hindu religion and customs..." Twist In Unmasking Of Infamous Goldman Sachs Twitter Mole "A three-year game has been taking place on Wall Street to identify the Goldman Sachs employee behind a Twitter account that purports to reveal uncensored comments overheard in the firm's elevators." "Twilight" Author Sued For (Alleged) Copyright Infringement "A woman who wrote an obscure vampire book as a teenager has sued 'Twilight' author Stephenie Meyer, accusing her of stealing ideas from the work for the fourth book in her vampire series, 'Breaking Dawn.' Meyer's publisher responded that the lawsuit, filed on Wednesday in federal court in California, is a meritless claim meant to further the career of the aspiring screenwriter making the complaint." Adult Magazine Publisher Sues Leaseweb For Providing Services To Copyright Infringers "Adult magazine publisher Perfect 10 has filed a lawsuit against LeaseWeb, accusing the hosting provider of providing services to several websites that host pirated copies of their images." Gawker Seeks Dismissal Of Quentin Tarantino's Lawsuit "Tarantino sued Gawker Media Group, Inc. over an article the site published that included a link to his latest script, 'The Hateful Eight.'" How To Fight Censorship And Remain Free "Every day it seems harder and harder to express yourself without fear of intimidation, censorship, mob attack or criminal charges. Reacting to the recent withdrawal of Wendy Doniger's book The Hindus by Penguin India, the writer presents a comprehensive guide to free speech in India, how it's being attacked and what we can actually do about it." Links to the stories above can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9354

Whispers And Warnings For February 19th

  • Billionaire David Einhorn Sues To Reveal Identity Of 'Seeking Alpha' Blogger
  • United States' Press Freedom Ranking Drops Sharply
  • Publisher Blames Indian Law For Hindu Book Removal
  • Why A Climate Scientist's Libel Case Matters (Op-Ed)
  • Former Execs Are Suing 30 Internet Trolls For Defamation

Whispers And Warnings For February 12th

  • Best-Selling Author 'Zane' Faces Financial Mess Worthy Of A Plot Twist In Her Steamy Novels
  • Author Alleges Justbrainatwork Owes Her Money
  • Author Posts Complaint About Christianebookpublisher.com?
  • Author Posts Complaint About Raider Publishing International
  • Writer posts complaint about Trail Blazer Magazine
  • Magazine High Times And Weekly Paper Westword Sue Colorado Over Marijuana Ad Restrictions
  • Penguin To Pull Book On Hinduism In India After Legal Row
  • Forbes Sale Nears As Final Bids Are Planned
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman's Friend Sues Tabloid Over Gay Allegations
  • In The Wake Of The Revenge P*rn Epidemic, Dmcadefender.com Announces Their Service To Help (Alleged) Victims Of MyEx.com

Whispers And Warnings For February 5th

  • Winnipeg mayor sues university, newspaper publisher, writer
  • Apple faces $840M e-books claim
  • ESPN Photographer Sues Kentucky Sports Radio for Image Copyright Violation
  • Tom Cruise is the latest celeb to be sued by a screenwriter

Whispers And Warnings For January 29th

  • Bloggers Enjoy First Amendment Protection Against Libel Suits
  • Texas Parents Sue Six Bullies And Their Parents For Cyberbullying Page
  • After Publishing An Article Alleging A Teacher Was Abusive, Freelance Journalist Sues That Teacher For Alleged Defamation
  • Pop Star Prince Sues Mega-Fans Who Posted Bootleg Performances Online - Seeking Millions In Damages (Then Immediately Drops The Lawsuits)
  • Quentin Tarantino Copyright Lawsuit Says Site Posted Leaked Script
  • Dad Spent 2.5 Years In Prison For Blogging About His Divorce
  • Lawyer Plans To Drop Lawsuit Over Comments On Columbia Website

Whispers And Warnings For January 23rd

  • Lawsuit Over Local Yelp Criticism Raises Questions About On Line Comments
  • Iowa Supreme Court to hear defamation suit
  • Dermot Desmond to testify in racketeering and defamation case
  • MP claims Simon and Garfunkel song was recorded at expense of County Durham stonemasons
  • Playboy Is Suing Another Magazine for copyright infringement
  • Attorney files lawsuit over comments he says cast him as 'tree mutilator'
  • China passes new laws to weed out web anonymity
  • UK - Bored with patent trolls? Small fry - prepare for the Design Trolls

Whispers And Warnings For January 15th

Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9346 Jailing of an Alabama blogger: It's worse than we thought "A New York Times report on the imprisonment of a journalist may have underplayed how chilling the case is." Dow Jones Sues British News Aggregator Ransquawk for Allegedly Stealing 'Hot News' "Dow Jones & Co has filed a lawsuit accusing a London-based news aggregator known as Ransquawk of illegally accessing its news feed, and redistributing its content within seconds of publication to financial professionals and other subscribers." Stripper releases tell-all book "Several 'legitimate' publishing efforts fell through. 'One firm was nervous about a libel suit.'" Science writer prepares suit against ex-TV host "A popular science writer has prepared a lawsuit against a former talk-show anchor, claiming his reputation was damaged during online debates." Judge lets defamation lawsuit proceed against John Woodell "We are very pleased the court very thoroughly analyzed all of the arguments, and rejected the assertion that anything goes when talking about a politician..." Links to the stories above can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9346

Whispers And Warnings For January 8th

Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9345 When Corporations Want Profits, They Don't Ask for Permission "Large retail companies are stealing the work of independent artists - and forcing them to remain silent about it." Judge says Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain, but Conan Doyle estate fights on "A federal judge ruled that the characters of Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, and many others from Arthur Conan Doyle's stories are in the public domain, but the Conan Doyle estate says Sherlock Holmes still isn't free for use." What Could Have Entered the Public Domain on January 1, 2014? A partial list - On the Road, Atlas Shrugged, The Cat in the Hat... Since the law changed in 1978, they won't be in the public domain until 2053. In Louisville courts, serial lawsuit filers hit with wrath of judges "In November, Louisville resident Edward Flint filed a lawsuit against the publisher and top editors of The Courier-Journal, claiming they had ignored his allegations of corruption by local judges and public officials - and that the newspaper executives were part of a cover-up. The newspaper is only the most recent of Flint's legal targets..." http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9345


Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9342 Shia LaBeouf Apologizes For Plagiarizing New Short Film From Obscure Comic After The Internet Called Him Out "Shia LaBeouf is in hot water today after the Internet called out the actor for plagiarizing his new short film 'HowardCantour.com' from Daniel Clowes' obscure 2007 comic 'Justin M. Damiano.'" Partner says 'Carson' biography author stiffed him "Henry 'Bombastic' Bushkin shafted his business partner, denying him a share of the profits from his scathing biography of Johnny Carson a new lawsuit claims." Concerned About Thai Navy Defamation Case against Reporters "The United Nations human rights office today urged the Government of Thailand to drop criminal defamation charges against two journalists who wrote about the alleged involvement of the Thai Navy with human trafficking." Want To Know Amazon's Confidential Settlement Terms For A Keyword Advertising Lawsuit? Merry Christmas! "...trademark owners will find Amazon's concessions interesting..." More Than One Prodigal Son "The first few years I taught undergraduates, I kept a box of tissues in my office in case of office-hour tears. A box would last a semester, particularly when the tears flowed because I had flunked a bunch of students for plagiarism. When tear-stained plagiarists showed up in my office, waving their F papers, tearing their hair and rending their garments, I told them to buy their own damned tissues." Links to the stories above can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9342


Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9341 I'm Your Lawyer, Mr. Grinch "Thank you, (Mr. Grinch), for visiting our offices to explore the possibility of a defamation claim regarding statements recently made about you..." After latest shooting, murder manual author calls for book to be taken 'immediately' out of print "It was an accessory in the arsenal of Karl Pierson, the student who opened fire last week inside a Colorado high school, leaving one girl in a coma before taking his own life. 'The Anarchist Cookbook,' which Pierson read before his rampage, isn't a guide to culinary revolution. It's the original how-to of homicide and mass murder - and sales are still raging, with distribution from the likes of Amazon and Barnes & Noble, even as the work is linked to terrorist acts around the world." It has sold more than 200 million copies. fishbat, Leader in Online Marketing Companies, Comments on YouTube's Increasing Copyright Claims "fishbat, a leader in online marketing companies, responds to an article published by Kotaku on December 13th, which reports that YouTube's new copyright claims might cripple professional YouTubers." Lawsuit Challenges 'Happy Birthday To You' Copyright Claim By Warner/Chappell, Music Giant "While it is has a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "most recognized" song of all time, 'Happy Birthday To You' - the full title of the song best known as simply, 'Happy Birthday' - is probably the most bootlegged song of all time as well." Links to the stories above can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9341


Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9339 Spanish publisher pulls sexist 'joke' book "A Spanish 'joke' book derided as sexist has been pulled from the shelves amid threats of a lawsuit from a women's group." Tom Cruise's $50 Million Lawsuit: Magazine Publisher Wants Him to Pay Their Legal Fees "Lawyers for Bauer Publishing are asking Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Chooljian to order Cruise to pay $35,000 in legal fees associated with his attempt to tie the company to alleged anti-Semitism in his lawsuit..." Creative Revenge P*rn Charges Filed In California "The Attorney General of California announced today that her office is seeking criminal charges against the operator of a "revenge p*rn" website..." Former interns battling to change the culture of US work "Lucy Bickerton sued a company that she interned with - and won." Links to the stories above can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9339

Whispers And Warnings For December 4th

Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9337 Interesting allegations about Nicholas Sparks' latest book "In an Amazon review of the book, one reader noted that the ending first appeared as 'Who'll Take the Son,' a Christian parable that can easily be found all over the Internet, although its origin and author appear uncertain." Archie Comics CEO accused of discriminating against male employees "Male employees of the comic publisher say Nancy Silberkleit referred to them as 'p*nis' in place of their names. The lawsuit also alleges that Silberkleit brought members of the Hell's Angels to the company's New York office to intimidate employees, and frequently inquired about the location of a handgun she says her late husband kept at the office." Bob Dylan Could Be In Trouble for 'Incitement to Hatred' in France "In an interview, Dylan indirectly compared Nazis to Croatians by referencing war crimes committed against minority Serbians." Judge dismisses Tom Cruise's attempt to link mag publisher with Nazism "A judge supervising Tom Cruise's defamation lawsuit against magazine publisher, Bauer Media, has dismissed the star and his legal team's claims that linked the publisher with Nazism and Hitler worship." Hotfile Ordered to Pay $80M for Copyright Infringement "Hotfile must pay $80 million in damages for copyright infringement and cease operations, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida ruled on Tuesday." HERE'S A COMPANY WE'LL NEVER BUY FROM! - Couple fined for negative online review, allegedly violated KlearGear.com's so-called non-disparagement clause in its customer agreement terms "A Utah couple is facing a $3,500 fine and a damaged credit score for doing what many people do after a bad purchasing experience: posting an online review." The couple plans to sue (of course). Links to the stories above can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9337

Whispers And Warnings For November 29th

Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9335 The Legal Feud Behind Blackwater Founder's Memoir The Mercenary, His Ghosts, and the CIA... Man Allegedly Gets Back at Journalists by Linking Their Names to a (bleep!!!) site A lawsuit claims that one disgruntled businessman from New Jersey opted to go a different, much quirkier route, by linking journalists' domain names to a porn website specializing in (bleep!!!) videos. Mossad book sparks NIS 4 million lawsuit by journalist Ronen Bergman claims authors plagiarized his work in the latest twist of a legal battle over the story of Israel's secret service. Polish Forbes mag issues apology to Jewish community The Polish edition of Forbes magazine apologized for three articles about the restitution of prewar property of Jewish communities that targeted the leaders of Poland's organized Jewish community and several Jewish organizations. Links to the stories above can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9335

Whispers And Warnings For November 20th

Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9334 Will states and consumers sue Apple over e-book prices? "This summer a judge ruled that Apple arranged a conspiracy with major publishers to raise e-book prices. Now Apple faces a class action lawsuit from plaintiff states and a consumer class." Author's Guild to appeal judge's decision in Google book scanning suit (of course!) "Google has emerged victorious in its eight-year battle for its Books service, with a judge ruling that Google's use of copyrighted material was allowed under fair use." Local Politician Working On Bill To Criminalize Revenge Sites "They're sites of revenge and spite where anonymous users post lewd pictures and scurrilous accusations, calling their victims drug and sex addicts and worse." Links to the stories above can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9334

Whispers And Warnings For November 13th

Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9332 Tom Cruise's attorney compares journalist to a Nazi as intimidating new letters are revealed in ongoing $50m court battle "Documents obtained by RadarOnline in conjuction with the actor's court battle, show Bert Fields using intimidation tactics in attempt to quash a story by The Hollywood Reporter's Kim Masters, which discussed the effect a Vanity Fair article on Scientology would have on Cruise's career." 'Doctor Who' Time Machine Copyright Challenged "Writer Tony Coburn's son, Stef Coburn, has launched a provocative copyright claim that argues that 'Tardis,' the time machine that looks like a blue police phone box, no longer belongs to the BBC." When can you legally copy someone else's work? "Attorney explains how 'fair use' works." Music publishers' association issues takedown notices to 50 lyrics websites "The US National Music Publishers' Association has sent takedown notices to the top 50 sites that host song lyrics without a licence." Links to the stories above can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9332

Whispers And Warnings For November 6th

Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9330 MARVIN GAYE HEIRS SUE 'BLURRED LINES' ARTISTS "Robin Thicke's summertime hit "Blurred Lines" is an illegal rip-off of Marvin Gaye's "Got to Give It Up," Gaye's children claim in court documents filed Wednesday." HOUSTON WOMAN SUES RAP START 50 CENT OVER PHOTO "A Houston woman is suing rap star 50 Cent for copyright infringement, claiming the performer has used a photograph she took." PLAGIARISM IN SEVERAL SPACE HISTORY ARTICLES "Several space history articles written by one author and published in venues like Ars Technica appear to be plagiarized from other sources." FEWER STUDENTS REPORTED FOR CHEATING, PLAGIARISM VIOLATIONS "The number of cheating and plagiarism violations reported at GW dropped 20 percent last year, the first decrease in three years." MOSCOW REGION GOVERNOR RESIGNS FROM UNIVERSITY POST, AVOIDING PLAGIARISM CHARGES "Governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov resigned from his position at the Higher School of Economics two days before an investigation into allegations of plagiarism was set to begin." Links to the stories above can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9330

Whispers And Warnings For October 30th

Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9329 Yelpers Suing Review Site Over "Unpaid Wages" WritersWeekly predicts this lawsuit will be dismissed. UMaine professor: Newspapers lied about 'War of the Worlds' hysteria to smear radio "There's only one problem: The supposed panic was so tiny as to be practically immeasurable on the night of the broadcast. Despite repeated assertions to the contrary in the PBS and NPR programs, almost nobody was fooled by Welles' broadcast." Conde Nast Ends Intern Program, Raising Question: Are Internships About the Money? "Conde Nast's decision to discontinue its program next year comes as the company faces a class-action lawsuit over its intern pay practices. Earlier this year, two former interns filed a lawsuit claiming the publisher failed to pay them minimum wage." Is The NFL Committing Copyright Infringement By Using Photos Without Consent? "On October 21, 2013, seven photographers filed a federal lawsuit in the Southern District of New York against the National Football League (NFL), Replay Photos, Getty Images and the Associated Press. The lawsuit requests damages for copyright infringement." Links to the stories above can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9329

Whispers And Warnings For October 23rd

Links to the stories below can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9328 Writer/Biologist who refused to write for free was (allegedly) called an Urban Whore by Biology-Online.org editor. Biology-Online had (allegedly) only offered her the old "exposure" line we writers hear all the time. The editor has since been fired. Beatles documentary sparks $100 million lawsuit against Sony/ATV "According to the suit, filed in U.S. district court in New York last week, the company that filmed the concert allowed the film to be transferred without copyright protection, and that no copyright was ever filed on the performances, putting them in the public domain." Harper Lee sues hometown museum "The legendary author doesn't like the museum using her name and the book's title on souvenirs without her approval or any compensation." Damages in E-Book Case Pegged at $307 Million "A filing from the plaintiff states and consumer class made public this week puts the total damages in their lawsuit against Apple over fixing e-book prices at more than $307 million." Links to the stories above can be found here: http://forums.writersweekly.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9328

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