Whispers and Warnings

Whispers And Warnings For April 4th

  • McGraw-Hill and author Jan Goldberg - Copyright infringement allegation. It's now been over a month and McGraw-Hill still hasn't sent us an update on this situation. It is our opinion that their claim that they take these accusations "very seriously" and that they "are looking into them immediately" is hogwash.
  • Lady Speed Stick / This Day in the Life Contest - WARNING! This contest takes all rights to your story, whether you win or not!

Whispers And Warnings For March 21st

McGraw-Hill and author Jan Goldberg - Writer alleges copyright infringement. WritersWeekly loses patience after McGraw-Hill gives us the run-around. Author Jan Goldberg never responded to WritersWeekly or to the writer. Creative TECHniques / creativetechniquesmag.com / All American Crafts Inc. / allamericancrafts.com - Writer alleges she's owed $350; publisher got upset with writer and terminated the contract...after the articles were finished and submitted. What do you think? Does the publisher owe the writer the money? WritersWeekly would love your opinion on this one! Deep Magazine / DeepMag.com / Kelly Degnan - Writer alleges she's owed $250 and editor says she's no loger employed by this magazine. …

Whispers And Warnings For January 31st

Haute Living Magazine / HaunteLiving.com - Four more victims?! The Town Observer in Bridgewater, MA / Ed Sunshine - Writer alleges publisher reprinted his article without permission; refused his certified letter. Grand Magazine / grandmagazine.com - Charges writers $10 to submit! Ha ha ha!!! Family Digest Magazine / familydigest.com / Mobley Entertainment / Family Digest Show / Darryl Mobley - Writer finally receives payment! Molly Gallagher / Molly Gallagher and Associates, LTD / mgava.com / mgava4u.com / The Fox River Company / thefoxrivercompany.com / Gal Friday Chicago / galfridaychicago.com / The Chick Lit / thelitchick.org - Very messy exchange! …

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Haute Living Magazine / HauteLiving.com - UPDATES! Writer says publisher called him "Loser! Loser! Loser!" over the phone, there is a judgement in Florida court against Haute Living Inc, and two fake ads mysteriously appear online on Friday night listing both writers' home phone numbers? You have to read this one to believe it! April May Rollins / April Rollins / Ore Mountain Publishing House / oremountainpublishing.com - Publisher disappears; owes author money. Pet Publishing / petpublishing.com - Fifth, sixth and seventh complaints about this deadbeat publisher! …

Whispers And Warnings For January 17th

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Whispers And Warnings For July 12th

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Whispers And Warnings For June 21st

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